mauna_kea.jpgOne month ago my mother told me to prepare my nerves and that I am going to experience how it is to drive in a plane in two weeks. I was kind of terrified by the idea of flying in a giant pile of metal, but I suppose things that are new to us can be quite scary.
She didn’t want to answer where we are going, it was a surprise. To be honest she have the best surprises you can imagine so I was really looking forward towards whatever she was planing this time.

Two weeks passed fast and as we arrived to the airport I realized we are going to Hawaii! That was amazing, a surprise vacation. I told her how I can hardly wait to start swimming, but her response was that we might not have time for that. So why the hell would we go to Hawaii if not to enjoy ourselves in the ocean?

As we arrived to Hawaii in that shaky and rather scary airplane (my hands were dead tired from clenching when we arrived) we went straight to rent a car and drove towards a huge mountain. She said it was an inactive volcano named Mauna Kea and that we will be going straight to the summit which is 14,000 feet higher than the water level. The little gears in my head started turning and I remembered.. Mauna Kea… world’s largest astronomical observatory. Suffice to say I couldn’t control myself and was even more excited then before.

We stayed for their nightly stargazing program at The Visitor Information Station which was amazing and their staff was very knowledgeable. I think even my mother learned couple of things.

After a good night sleep we went for the summit, which introduced me to altitude sickness. The sudden change in oxygen levels and climate were rather shocking. The trip was a fantastic experience.