I Used a Website Broker to Sell an Old Blog

I don’t have much news today, but I just sold an old blog of mine with a website broker. I’m not gonna say how much I sold for, but it was a pretty good amount of money… enough for me to buy some new equipment!

A lot of people asked me how the whole website broker thing works, so I’m gonna share with you guys. That way, if you have a blog you wanna sell, you can do it the right way, and not get ripped off. A buddy of mine works at Digital Exits which is basically a website brokerage firm. You get your website appraised, and they connect your site with potential buyers. If someone’s interested, then they negotiate the price and get back to you when they’ve secured a deal.

They get paid on commission so it’s really cool to know that they’re trying to sell your website at the BEST possible price. This is as opposed to more common marketplaces like Flippa, where everyone’s lowballing because they want to get the best deal. There are tonnes of people literally making their living flipping websites, and they live on places like Flippa, but it will never be the same as nurturing a site for years and building up consistent income streams, A strong community and an even stronger list.

You see, buyers love data, and it takes time to really build up a valid list of subscribers (at least in the few thousand). The fact that I had all 3 of those, meant my site was good enough for a website brokerage. Their clients are no joke. They want the real thing, and they are willing to pay for it.

Anyway, enough about that, I just wanted to also let you guys know that my mom has almost finished the observatory, so I’m gonna use the money I made from selling my old site, to deck the room out and get some new equipment including my Meade RCX400 20.0”/508mm Telescope. I’m not 100% sure what else I’m gonna get yet, but I’ll definitely let you guys know what I decide to do.

Til next time!