Home Expansion

We have started a “little” project of expanding our house. My mother hired a designer who finished recently and now we are looking for a contractor. We are building a mini stargazing observatory as part of our home!

I am so excited about this that I just had to write about it. Can you imagine having your own observatory? Actually forget the observatory, you know what will be IN the observatory? Meade RCX400 20.0”/508mm Telescope. I cannot wait to get my hands on that beast.

But naturally first the house, so it will take a little while. We expanded our house once before when I was very young now that I think about it, actually the place where I am sitting right now was a garden once upon a time.


So the work has finally begun and there’s noise from machines all day long. It would be unbearable if I didn’t realize what will come out of all that hard work the guys are doing. There was a little accident and they damaged a wall and broke a window two days ago, but they will take care of the damages so all is well. I’ll make sure to add some pictures in the next update!