How to talk to women

I Want to Talk to Women

The stars are beautiful and I love them, but sometimes stargazing can be lonely.  Of course I have my mom, but there comes a time in every man’s life when a mom just isn’t the same.

I want a woman.  I want a woman who will spend countless hours under the stars with me.  I need to find a woman who loves the same things I do.

The problem is that I’m extremely shy, especially when it comes to talking to women.  I have a hard enough time talking to other men, but for me talking to a woman is especially difficult. They are just so lovely and beautiful; they cause me to completely lose my words.

I decided to do some internet research on this topic (as if I wasn’t nerdy enough already).  I found a guide on how to talk to women, by the Attraction Institute.

The author, Leigh, suggests that the real problem isn’t that I can’t talk to women.  This is true; I have no problem talking to my mom or the cashiers at the grocery store.  He says that my real problem is getting women to like me.

Leigh says that men need to stop worrying about if a woman is attracted to you or not.  I need to just be myself and be open with who I am and eventually that will lead to a healthy relationship because a woman will find me attractive based on who I actually am.

Whenever I approach a woman who I find attractive I always freeze up.  The rejection scares me so much that I don’t even bother talking to women anymore, but I think I’m just going to start talking to people and not base my fear on potential rejection, and even if I do get rejected I can’t let that stop me.

This is going to be hard for me.  I think the worst thing that could happen (besides rejection) would be that I make a couple of friends.

I’m going to try this technique today.  There is a super sweet secretary at my mom’s office that I always go to great lengths to avoid.  She’s just too pretty to talk to, and even more important than being pretty she is so kind.

I think that she’ll be an ideal person to try this out on; because if she rejects me I know that she’ll at least be nice about it.  My mom always suggests that I ask her out and, in the past, that extra pressure has made me avoid her even more.

Okay, the plan is, I’m going to go visit my mom for lunch today. I have to pass Lauren’s desk first.  I’m going to try and strike up a conversation about something mundane and see where that leads.  I’m going to not have anything planned and just fly by the seat of my pants.  She’ll either be terrified of me or super charmed by me, but like I said, even if she is terrified at least she’ll be nice about it.