How I Got Into Stargazing

My interest in stargazing came to me at a very young age, I suppose mainly because of the fact my mother is an theoretical astrophysicist. Plus living on the perfect spot helps as well.

When I was 8 year old my parents divorced and it was a very difficult time. But something changed and perhaps for the better, my mother started spending a lot of time with me and eventually me my very first telescope and slowly started to teach me about constellations and all kind of interesting facts for which I had no idea if they were true at the time. I became insanely interested in watching the night sky and wanted to know everything there is about space. I loved watching the stars so much that for every essay we were allowed to choose what we want to write about, I wrote about stars. I wanted to have my mothers job when I grew up, who wouldn’t want to work on something they love after all? I still have a pretty long way to reach that dream but I have learned a lot over the years. Plus with my mother backing me up with her experiences is pretty much like cheating my way into the profession 😀

Back then things were very different, you could say stargazing was very private. Today with all the new technology we not only get to share our thoughts and opinions but we can share what we see through our telescopes with people all over the world. And that’s where this site comes in.

Welcome to my humble home, my Astro Place.