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Looking Forward to Vega, and Growing a Beard

One of the brightest stars in the sky (besides the sun of course) is a star called Vega. On September 4th, Vega will be reaching the zenith point, which is the point in the sky directly overhead.  I found a great online guide that shows people exactly what is happening in the sky every night. This sort of guide is great for beginner astronomers; it gives them a certain feature to focus on and points out changes every night.

Mom and I went to the local general store the other day. I love this store, if you go on Fridays you can see all the people that are coming to the area to camp and stargaze during the weekends.  I’ve noticed that the hobby has really picked up, and it makes me so happy to see more and more people be excited about the universe. The general store tries to stock products that are trendy and yet rugged.  I noticed some beard oil from beardbrand and mustache wax.  I don’t have a beard or a mustache but I thought they were rather interesting products.

All these new products in the store have got me thinking about growing a beard of my own.  I feel like beards are a sign of masculinity, and at the same time whenever I see a man with a beard I think, “That man likes the outdoors.”  I like the outdoors and I’d like to feel more masculine, so I think I will be attempting to grow a beard.

It will be interesting to see how some facial hair changes people’s opinions of me.  Will they think I’m more attractive?  Will they think that I’m more masculine?  Will I be more relatable to people who enjoy gazing at stars as much as I do?

I guess I’ll find out the answers to all these questions in a couple of weeks, or months.  I don’t actually know how long it will take me to grow a beard, I’ve never tried before.

My mom approached me with an awesome idea.  She wants to build a few rugged cabins on our land and rent them out to beginning astronomers and we can run workshops on the weekends.  There is something that is so fulfilling about sharing your passion with others.  We’ve been trying to think of different ways to make it work.  We’re thinking that we’ll have people arrive Friday’s during the day. That first night we’ll make a great meal for everyone over the campfire and we’ll spend the rest of the night looking out the observatory telescope.  On Saturdays well have a community breakfast and after breakfast we’ll have a workshop about how to expertly operate telescopes and how to use star maps and all that. At night we will focus on different astronomical features.  Sunday we’ll have a farewell lunch and hopefully people will have had a great time and learn a lot about stargazing.

We will probably start with about two prefabricated cabins and probably create four or five different campsites in the wooded area of our land.  I have a friend who is really into foraging for food and I’m thinking that might be a fun workshop.  Maybe one weekend every few months or so, we’ll have foraging by day and stargazing at night workshops.  I know I’m thinking too far ahead, but I’m just so excited about this “Astronomy Bed and Breakfast.”

We’ve been trying to think of different names for our business, but we haven’t come up with anything clever or catchy enough.  If I have a good idea my mom shoots it down, and if she has a good idea I shoot it down. We’re not trying to be argumentative; we just want to have the best idea ever.

Sometimes, when I’m in the general store on Fridays, I approach people that are coming to the area to stargaze and ask them if they would like an idea like this.  I have received nothing but positive responses from everyone I’ve talked to. They may just be being polite, but they seem genuinely interested in the idea. I wonder if they will be even more receptive to me once I’ve grown my beard.

Home Expansion

We have started a “little” project of expanding our house. My mother hired a designer who finished recently and now we are looking for a contractor. We are building a mini stargazing observatory as part of our home!

I am so excited about this that I just had to write about it. Can you imagine having your own observatory? Actually forget the observatory, you know what will be IN the observatory? Meade RCX400 20.0”/508mm Telescope. I cannot wait to get my hands on that beast.

But naturally first the house, so it will take a little while. We expanded our house once before when I was very young now that I think about it, actually the place where I am sitting right now was a garden once upon a time.


So the work has finally begun and there’s noise from machines all day long. It would be unbearable if I didn’t realize what will come out of all that hard work the guys are doing. There was a little accident and they damaged a wall and broke a window two days ago, but they will take care of the damages so all is well. I’ll make sure to add some pictures in the next update!